International Solidarity

“No Justice – No Peace”

no justicegarrett profile largeby Garrett Dicembre

Sometimes I feel like shouting “serenity now!” (Seinfeld reference), but this is not a time for calm, peace or quiet. This is a time for resistance, revolution, and for justice. “No justice, no peace!” We must not stop fighting for justice, protesting and resisting in every way possible. This is a pivotal time when capitalism is attempting to refresh itself through imperialist carnage, and we must never accept any of their false olive branches meant to make us docile. We must push back ANY advance the capitalists make in order to hasten their imminent collapse. The overturn of capitalism is necessary for a sustainable planetary future as well as a revolutionary socialist future for its inhabitants. Communism has existed continuously as a cultural and political process since the beginning of humanity, whereas the relatively new system of capitalism is a fundamentally doomed and globally corrosive one. And until capitalism is overturned we cannot stop fighting—no capitulation, no concessions. We are at a particularly unique juncture in history where capitalism has reached its final stage—this includes its bloodiest chapters which rely on imperialism and neocolonialism to grasp onto faltering power. And it is time we chop the capitalist’s fingers off so that they cannot grip onto anything as they fall. No more silence—we must not become subsumed by their last power play or we will fall abysmally onto the wrong side of history. The untenable history of capitalism will be characterized by genocide, slavery, and continuous warfare in pursuit of despicable wealth collections. It is time we ask ourselves what side history do you want to be a part of? One which aided in the horrific continuation of the current global capitalist system or one which aided in the establishment of a better, sustainable system that is just? So all you “peace lovers” should understand that there will be no peace until justice is reality and destroying capitalism is a definite prerequisite for this.

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